Our Capabilities

The DeltaWing Technology Group companies have more than two decades of design, engineering, product development, fabrication and manufacturing expertise delivering solutions to the automotive, aviation, aerospace, SATCOM, defense, and sporting goods industries.

Our experts at DeltaWing Technologies Inc. and DeltaWing Manufacturing Co. develop ingenious and innovative solutions that are reliable, consistent, and cost effective.

DeltaWing Manufacturing Co. consists of four main divisions: Composites, Machining, Fabrication, and Powertrain.

Composites is the flagship division. Areas of expertise include:

  • Composite tooling
  • Ply kitting and cutting
  • Prepreg layup for autoclave and out-of-autoclave processes
  • Compression molding – prepregs, SMC, and BMC
  • Trapped rubber and bladder molding
  • Lost core molding
  • Complex bonded assemblies.

    The Machining Division delivers world-class machining services and support. From our state-of-the-art CNC equipment to more traditional manual lathes and mills, our expert team custom tailors winning solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs. The Fabrication Division provides high-quality welded assemblies through state-of-the-art equipment, manufacturing expertise, engineering excellence, and quality control.

    The Powertrain Division provides innovative engine/powertrain development and management programs to the automotive industry. Our incredibly precise capabilities ensure exact execution whether tasked to do one engine or engine/drivetrain combination or many identical units.

    While many DeltaWing Manufacturing Co. customers provide complete and finalized project designs ready for production, Design and Engineering Services are available through DeltaWing Technologies Inc.

    Its design and engineering team works closely with customers to overcome challenges from design and product development to manufacturing using state-of-the-art integrated 3D CAD systems.

    Specializing in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, the team prides itself on close customer interaction to transform ideas, concepts and needs into reality. While providing CAD and engineering expertise to many industries, we have strong familiarity with personal and commercial vehicle concepts and resulting designs from components to entire vehicles. 

    Élan Motorsports Technologies

    Élan Motorsports Technologies is a wholly separate company from the DeltaWing Technology Group. Founded by Don Panoz two decades ago, it has become a race car and motorsports design, engineering, development, and manufacturing leader with victories in many series including IMSA, IndyCar, Champ Car World Series, Superleague, SCCA, and the National Auto Sport Association (NASA).